PHiP State of the Phlock

State of the Phlock – 2015

State of the Phlock 2017

State of the Phlock 2017

Parrot Heads in Paradise Annual Reporting


It’s that time of year when we celebrate all things PHIP Parrot Head Clubs andthere is no better way to celebrate than presenting the 2017PHIP State of the Phlock …


Here’s a recap of our 2016 Party with a Purpose.


We closed out the 2016year with 25,323 members, and our membership figures paired with the volunteer hours and fundraising efforts reveal much more than someone’s payment of dues and the occasional annual involvement within the clubs. Those 25,000+ members make up the 221 Clubs who are the heart and soul of PHIP.


PHIP welcomed 3 new clubs to our ranks in 2016:  Forgotten Coast PHC in Florida, Pirates of the Neuse in North Carolina and Parrot Heads of Southeastern Ohio.


Last year’s fundraising efforts amounted to a whopping $3,421,622. More importantly you generously donated 190,457 hours of your extremely valuable time!It is the Parrot Heads whogo above and beyond the required2 charitable or environmental projectsper calendar year and  volunteer when they see the opportunityto give something back … totheir own communities, to theenvironment and to their fellowman, they do it in a big way.You make up theMeeting of the Minds volunteers,donate many hours to hosting successful club events and phlockings, volunteer as judges, work event information booths, man phone banks and generally pitch in when you seea need.


Your service projects are varied and many.  You help the elderly, less fortunate families, and the homeless, providing clothing, meals, toys, senior services and youth camp donations, animal shelters/rescues and many clubs have Adopted A Manatee. On a national level clubs volunteered or raised money for Make A Wish, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital,Toys for Tots, Ronald McDonald House, many walks for various cancers or diseases.


The Lone Palm Foundation, the non-profit charitable arm of PHIP had two successful fund raisers. The one day auction in July which raised over $11,000 and the live auction at MOTM which raised $10,170. The foundation exists to support PHIP Parrot Heads who could experience a personal need in the future.


We continue to exceed the National PHIP Alzheimer’s Team goal of $100,000. Last year our National Alzheimer’s Team members raised $227,236 and we increased our team participation numbers to 69!! Again, the PHIP Board would like to thank all of the clubs who stepped up to helped and donated to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s


The lasting friendships we have built over these few years have gone beyond the life that Jimmy Buffett sings about. Our national membership focuses on harmony and pulling together for the greater good! It’s the music and lifestyle that drives us, but it’s also the needs within our own communities that compel us to help. We celebrateyour club’s many accomplishments.


As with any organization, the right leadership is what makes a chapter succeed. Our advice for this coming year is to surround yourselves with an incredible group of officers who really care about the success of your club. Take time to identify your talents within your membership. Some of your members are just waiting to be asked to be a part of your club’s success. In the long run you’ll have the much needed help.


We truly remain united,working to achieve the same goals.There really is a bigger picture and a brighter future when we allwork together. Your reported numbers reflect another healthy year in the books.  May you all have a very successful 2017!