PHiP State of the Phlock

State of the Phlock – 2015

State of the Phlock 2015

Did you know Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. “officially” turns 21years old this year?

Yes, Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. is “growing older but not up

Though recorded in our PHIP Parrot Head history book that Scott Nickerson founded the Atlanta Parrot Head Club in 1989, it wasn’t until 1994 that Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc became a reality!

Yep! We’re pretty much still youngsters as age goes.

So how could we have turned the calendar over to begin 2015?

It seems like yesterday that we were still exploring the internet hoping for some Buffett Concert news or shared Buffett stories. We stood in line or dialed in on our land lines hoping to get Buffett Tickets to any Buffett concerts. We sought out our kinfolk in parking lots, bars and in beach towns. We collected Buffett music. We wore our Buffett concert and our Margaritaville T-shirts hoping to get noticed by other Parrot Heads. We pillaged Concert banners, collected Parrot Head SWAG and even built tiki bars inside and outside our homes!

And here we are … year’s later. We continue to share that same tropical dream of escape!! We all want to win that lottery and disappear to those little latitudes! But until then, you, the PHIP Parrot Heads continue to devote your time and energy to the organization. It’s in your Parrot Head DNA and it’s why we are all still here.

Before we begin reporting the facts and figures for 2014, we would like to take a moment to remember those parrot heads we lost from our ranks last year. As in past years, PHIP said farewell to yet more of our wonderful family members. They were husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and co-workers. They were good friends, long time club members, volunteers and people with heart. They were PHIP Parrot Heads! We will remember we are less in numbers without them, but greater with heart for having known them. Sail on …

And now, what you’ve been waiting for …

The 2015 State of the Phlock!!

At 2014’s end our annual membership statistics were reported by 227 Parrot Head Clubs, including 9 Canadian Parrot Head Chapters and the one and only Australian Parrot Head Club down under! Our membership remained solid & we closed out the year with a reporting of 26,500 members.

Our fundraising efforts were in the millions and our Chapters reported a whopping $3,272,021making our 13 year total $39.9 Million Dollars!!!

More importantly, PHIP Parrot Heads unselfishly donated 223,000 Volunteer hours in 2014 bringing our 13 year total to 3,407,000 donated hours!! Those donated hours included:

  • Adopt A Highway/Adopt A Spot
  • Coastal clean ups
  • Earth Day events
  • Trees planted
  • Meals on Wheels deliveries
  • Food Deliveries to the less fortunate
  • Reading to Seniors
  • Hosting Water Stops at 5K Runs
  • Cooking/Serving Meals at Shelters

But, it’s not all about work!! Let us not forget PHIP, Inc. is a social organization!! You participate in parades! You host local Chapter and Regional events! You tailgate! You support the local economy at your restaurants & bars! You support each other in good times and you check on your Parrot Head neighbors when disaster strikes and offer assistance when possible! You boast about being a PHIP Parrot Head to anyone who will listen in the hopes they will join our ranks, put on their grass skirts, coconut bras and get involved.

Yes, PHIP Parrot Heads, you continue to amaze and astonish those of us who know you as family! And many of you are “officially recognized within your own communities because they reap the fruits of your labors!

There’s still so much fun ahead in 2015 as we continue “growing older but not up”. Unleash that inner child more often and stay true to your Parrot Head DNA!

Our retired Director of Membership, Bob Heffelfinger once told me “Small voices, when combined, can deafen!”…  And I believe him!!

Congratulations from your PHIP Board of Directors on another stellar year!!