PHiP Discount

 Our on-going discount with AVIS Rent A Car continues:


a progressive 501(c)3 organization dedicated to assisting charitable and environmental causes worldwide,
and the official rental agency for Meeting of the Minds

have worked out an Awesome Worldwide Discount deal for all of you, all year long.

Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) Number: K199476*
(800) 331-1212…..Dial Direct 1-800-331-1600

 Next time you need to rent a vehicle, for MOTM or otherwise, give them a call.

If you rent a vehicle through Avis, it helps PHIP defer operational costs throughout the year,
which translates into more money for charity!

This discount program is open to anyone, anywhere and almost anytime (some blackout dates do apply),
so help out and use this number yourself, and share it with everyone you know, to take advantage of the great rates.