Point System

The Parrot Heads of North Carolina have incorporated a point system to help determine which club members are eligible for PHofNC tickets to local Buffett concerts based on their participation in annual events and activities. Good standing is also necessary to register for the annual Meeting of the Minds in Key West. The Annual Gathering of Clubs Worldwide feel this system encourages members not only to be active, but also rewards members for all their hard work.

Sign-in sheets are at all PHofNC events. Please make sure to sign these sheets when you arrive, so that the Membership Chairperson can keep accurate totals.

Point Totals for Various Activities

Hosting or Planning an Event 3 points
Contact Person for an Event 2 points
Attending a PHofNC Social Meeting 1 point
Attending a PHofNC Business Meeting 2 points
Attending a PHofNC Charity Event 3 points
Contributing to The Island Times newsletter 1 point
Recruiting new members 4 points